Having suffered a breakdown in 2016, and battled for many years with a variety of problems, X had often struggled to find purpose and happiness.

A mother to two children, and having lost her driving licence, X was out of work at the time she began engaging in the Green Light Trust programmes.

After initially attending Woodland Minds, X enrolled with the Woodland Rescue programme, which is specifically aimed at people in drug or alcohol recovery. This helped X begin to take small but important steps in gaining self-esteem, improving conservation knowledge, and increasing her ability to connect with others.

Such was the success of this period that X subsequently opted to return in a volunteer role for Green Light Trust in February 2018, helping staff to deliver a range of woodland sessions, including with an all women recovery group.

Through accessing a range of support services, X has taken significant steps in getting her life back on track. She got her driving licence back and has volunteered with us regularly.

Thanks to her unique insight into substance recovery and mental health, X is able to help participants on the programmes, by offering advice born from her individual experience.

Having gone on to take part in our Intensive Work Experience course, in partnership with the National Trust, X has benefitted from an initiative designed to build routine, stamina, and focus on work place behaviour and employability.

X has volunteered elsewhere in the community, recently moving into an internship role with a local Wildlife Charity where she will be able to access further training, volunteering and work experience opportunities.