C is a shining example of someone who had been struggling to fully grasp life for all its many social and professional opportunities. He was feeling disengaged in the world in every sense.
Here, he explains his experience of the Trust and its programmes:

“Before coming to the Green Light trust I was struggling with my physical and mental health and was sectioned for two months. I was not engaging in any activities or work, and rarely saw family or friends.

"Since attending various courses, I have become involved in a number of other activities which help me continue the improvement of my physical and mental health.

"Once my fitness improved, I was able to join a sports team, playing every week throughout the year. I have also joined another local woodland charity, and have attended the Recovery College.

"My aim is to become a peer tutor, and perhaps a peer support worker too. In addition to this, I’ve engaged in therapy to aid my mental health and have taken a keen interest in cooking, inspired by the woodland cooking at the Green Light Trust.

"I now talk to and see family and friends from my activities frequently and feel more socially capable. I attended a wedding of a close friend last year – something I wouldn't have been able to do without the improvements to my health stemming from involvement with the Green Light Trust. I am now very proud to be a volunteer helper twice weekly on courses at Frithy Wood.”