W considers his experience of Green Light Trust to have had a life changing impact. In his own words, he explains what it has achieved for him:-

“I have struggled with severe anxiety from a young age, and depression since my teenage years. At times I have been suicidal, engaging in self-harm, and feeling a social recluse, with very little support.

"While in work I was able to keep my head above water, but having been made redundant a few years ago, my mental health deteriorated significantly as I was unable to cope with being on Job Seekers Allowance. I became suicidal once more with a mind to disappear, feeling trapped and abandoned by the system.

"Discovering the Green Light Trust was a lifesaver. Literally. Without the care and non-judgemental support received, I dread to think what would have happened to me. From my first day, I was made to feel welcome, safe, and comfortable, with no pressure being applied upon myself. The staff are more akin to good friends than employees of the Green Light Trust - a second family if you will.

"My confidence and self-worth have grown along with my knowledge of many things, including but not limited to, nature (particularly of that local to the area), coppicing, animal tracking, social communication, meditative breathing, and switching off from the outside world allowing time to live life at a slower pace, and of course recognising that it is okay to get dirt on oneself.

"Attending programmes at the Green Light Trust has not only improved my mental health but also my physical health and strength, as well as improving my back, which has suffered through the years due to two separate back injuries.

"Toward the end of 2018 I started as a volunteer at the Green Light Trust, assisting with programmes not only at Frithy Wood, but also in forest schools.

"I thoroughly enjoy and continue to gain not only further skills and confidence from this, but also to build-up stamina and provide me with a structure to get back on track and proudly hold my head high once more.

"I have always had a natural connection with children and from my work through the Green Light Trust I have for the first time in my life clarity as to a direction I would like to progress for a career and ultimately returning to work.

"Words alone will never be able to define the invaluable work and support achieved by the Green Light Trust. I thank not only those who are the visible side of the Green Light Trust, but also each and every person who contributes behind the scenes of participants and volunteers such as myself, without whom I would be in a very different place today.”