Children who struggle in the classroom often have a very different experience when given the space and time that a Forest School session in a small group offers. 

It can enhance and support mainstream education by focussing on the emotional, social and behavioural development of pupils. 

Sessions are tailored for young people of primary age and all abilities. 

Pupils take part in child-centered and child-led activities, where they learn practical skills.

Our Forest School Leaders are experienced in working with children showing challenging behaviours, whilst giving supportive guidance to children and young people on how to use outdoor tools safely and to develop their understanding and love of the natural world.

 “I have seen a significant increase in children’s self-esteem. This has had a knock on effect back in the classroom with their attitude towards their academic work. They have shown increased perseverance and have a stronger determination to complete tasks which they find difficult.” Jo Clarke, LSA, Hartest Primary

Nurture groups can be held at your school or in one of our woodlands.

Contact us or fill out our Natural Alternative Enquiry Form for more information or to discuss your young person's needs