B has been attending Green Light Trust programmes since November 2016.

Before coming to the Green Light Trust, B's life had been derailed by alcohol addiction.

His unhealthy way of life had created a pattern of conflict for B and saw him regularly in contact with the police.

Attending Green Light Trust’s programmes very quickly led to B gaining some valuable insights into conservation, woodland management, wildlife identification and green woodworking.

Having started out on courses for people experiencing issues relating to addiction and mental health, B has now developed into a valued peer mentor on these programmes.

The success of this period has led to B attending the Intensive Work Experience course, which is run in partnership with the National Trust.

Through this, B has been able to develop a more appropriate daily routine, build stamina and fitness, and he is now focussing on work place behaviour and employability skills.

Outside of Green Light Trust, B has also been accessing training at Turning Point and is in the process of becoming a peer mentor.

B is also looking into further opportunities to volunteer, to access training and to support others in the wider community as he looks to gain employment.