A little more about Green Light Trust

We're a well-established and successful environmental education charity. Since 1989, we've used the power of nature to transform the lives of adults, children and young people who are experiencing various barriers to personal progression. We work with the hardest to reach groups, who typically are least likely to have access to nature.

Our mission is to positively transform the lives of individuals by being outdoors, working with those who may have been disadvantaged or suffered challenges with mental health issues.

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Our Natural Alternative Provision & Inclusion Programme is designed for CYP from primary age and above that may be struggling in mainstream education, providing the perfect space for personal growth.

We take learners from their ‘normal’ environment with their usual environmental cues and introduce them to a woodland space where they can start to develop positive change patterns of behaviour and start to identify with that way of being.

Our woodland environment is rich with inspiration and the resources to build, create, experiment, explore and develop, which, in turn, develops physical, social and emotional skills.

Together we get involved in appropriate woodland management tasks such as green woodworking, campfire cooking, natural crafts and nature connection activities.


How will our Natural Alternative Provision and Inclusion Programmes have an impact on your children & young people?

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