Becca is passionate about people's relationship with nature and maintaining and nourishing our connections to the world around us. Becca has worked as a university lecturer in politics and international relations, a secondary teacher of geography, and a forest school lead delivering sessions for parents with young babies, toddlers, and secondary age students. Having taught in the classroom for over a decade, Becca believes in the opportunities for healing and learning that can take place by simply being, experiencing, and paying attention to our environment.

On a personal note, Becca loves the weather in all its forms, and enjoys tracking the story of each day's weather as told by the clouds in the sky. She loves gardening, growing a range of plants, fruits, and vegetables at home, as well as taking any opportunity to be quiet and peaceful in the woods. As well as being outdoors, Becca also takes - almost - as much pleasure in retreating at the end of the day to somewhere warm and snuggly with a hot chocolate.