Green Light Trust partners with Anglia Pest Management

As an environmental charity our aim is to, wherever possible, deal with pest control in a humane way that does not cause harm to the environment, whilst at the same time ensuring the safety of our staff, volunteers, participants and visitors.

For some time, we have used the services of Anglia Pest Management and would recommend them to anyone who is troubled with pests and wants to deal with the matter in the best, and least damaging, way possible.

We are very grateful to Tim Cox, the owner of Anglia Pest Management, for providing his professional, friendly and effective services to us on a charitable basis.

Tim says:-

“My basic ethos is that, for far too long, pest controllers have automatically opted for the ‘go to’ toxin to deal with the pest encountered; which is of course understandable when a pest controller has invested time and money in gaining their qualifications to use these products. And in most circumstances the customer will expect the use of toxins to gain control, looking at the pest controller quizzically when he or she suggests that a non-toxic approach could be adopted.      

However, being ever mindful of the environment, my approach is to consider a hierarchy of options:-

1) Establish why the pest is present and if the cause of infestation can be removed without the use of toxins. For example, can a physical barrier be used to fill gaps and block holes, or a mechanical trap used?

2) Only use a toxin as a last resort after all other options have been considered.

3) Educate the customer to prevent further pest outbreaks.”

Tim also has a Facebook page which he encourages his customers to like and follow, where he discusses seasonal pests and suggests ways of avoiding problems before they begin. He sees educating customers as an important part of his services in not only preventing pest problems but in reducing the effect of harmful pest control methods on the environment.

Find out more on Tim's website - follow him on Facebook for regular tips                 

or contact Tim: [email protected] / Tel: 07776 205346