Over the last decade, Lauren has been working with communities and individuals to achieve meaningful outcomes.   

Lauren has experience in running multiple contracts within the Welfare to Work sector managing different teams to support individuals back into sustainable employment and volunteering opportunities.   

More recently Lauren has worked in the public sector managing a team of community development officers who have a broad range of specialisms, working with both communities of interest and place. Lauren specialised in health, wellbeing and vulnerability, bringing the Voluntary and Community voice into the wider health conversation. Lauren has worked with a vast array of communities and partners to deliver projects that have value and impact. One example of this is LifeLink a project which provides health coaching to residents across the West Suffolk area and links people in with fulfilling activities in their communities.   

Great outcomes will happen when there is an opportunity for people to come together to connect, learn and be part of a community. Lauren strongly believes all of those things have an impact on health and wellbeing and can genuinely change lives and communities for the better.  

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys exploring new destinations, long walks, training her dog and spending time with family and friends.