Suzi Griffin

Green Light Trust are delighted that Suzi Griffin, a previous participant on one of our woodland courses, has decided to do this trek with Dream Challenges to raise money for us. Suzi tells us below why she is doing this. Please donate to her fundraising campaign if you can:-

Over the past 35 years I have lost my mind many times, frequently leading to being sectioned on an acute ward. The last psychotic episode I endured was from July through to September 2018. I approached Green Light Trust in 2019 and was welcomed to attend their Woodland Minds course once a week. I was supergrateful for the opportunity and the experience exceeded any expectations that I may have had.

The format of the day, whilst facilitated, was loose and, although there was wonderful green woodworking taking place, for me the thing that made it work was that there were no demands on me to do anything - I was given the space to 'simply be' and to absorb the natural beauty of the woods, enjoy the camaraderie of sitting around a camp fire and having delicious food cooked in front of me.

Trekking in the Himalayas is a challenge I am taking on personally to give something back to my local community and it appealed to me enormously. Clearly I have my work cut out to become fit enough to participate; already I have stopped smoking - 30 rollups a day and a smoker for 30 years! I'm up for this!!

I shall be paying the costs for me to take part in the trip, therefore every penny donated will go directly to this outstanding charity. I urge you to support my fundraising campaign by donating to Green Light Trust. Please dig deep...their work is without parallel and is freely available to many fragile people.

Suzi will be completing her walk from 5-14 November 2020.

Suzi Griffin