At Green Light Trust, we’re proud of the way we develop our relationships with commercial organisations – and of the benefit we can bring to the business, its staff, and to its entire ‘purpose’.

Any HR professional will tell you that more and more job applicants and employees are looking to work for organisations who seek to have a social impact.

We've been conscious of this for some time.

We also know that an increasing number of employees want to work for organisations with values and ethics that they too can align with.

We truly believe that we can provide organisations with the perfect way to connect with their employees on this issue.

What we can offer Businesses

We believe in a reciprocal relationship: we can provide you with ways to improve employee engagement, performance and wellbeing, while at the same time giving you a great opportunity to support a meaningful charity which has a significant impact on the lives of people facing personal challenges.

Vital to our success and sustainability, are the partnerships we form with corporate organisations – be they in East Anglia or beyond.

But we like to believe we handle such relationships a little differently...

We focus on the ‘bigger picture’ around what benefits all sides.

Certainly we’re grateful for financial contributions and occasional donations to boost the scope of our work.

But, far more importantly, we seek to align with the kind of partners who ‘get us’, and those who understand and embrace the idea that staff want to be involved and included in community-related activities which have a significant social worth.

With this sense of community involvement in mind we introduced our Annual Impact Report approach, so that those we work with can easily see how their participation in our initiatives created social benefit.

We also provide a platform through which corporate partner employees can create their own events and fundraising opportunities.

We consistently help our partners find ways in which their relationship with us – and participation in our activities – can contribute to individual wellbeing in ways that merely ‘being an employer’ might not make possible on a daily basis.

It’s one of the greatest achievements of our work that we are able to get more people appreciating, and benefiting from, the community and the natural world around them.

We have a wealth of case studies from organisations who have reaped the rewards of engaging in partnership with us, so for more information on how you can work together with us for mutual benefit, please contact [email protected]

For more detail of our services for business and how we can help you connect with your community through partnering with us, please follow the links below.

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