What’s Involved..?

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Course participants are invited to join online interactive activities, hosted by Green Light Trust staff.
Programmes are designed to reduce isolation and anxiety, improve mental and physical well-being, increase confidence and self-esteem, give a sense of structure and belonging, improve social and communication skills, and build a knowledge of and appreciation for the natural environment.

Activities include: group video call meet up session, nature learning through video and chat, sharing of nature videos and/or photos from walk (as part of permitted exercise), online lunch together, and various other activities you can do at home.

Participants will be able to benefit from one to one phone conversations with a member of Green Light Trust staff, to discuss any issues they may be having with their wellbeing.

Prior to the first week’s session, Green Light Trust staff will contact everyone in the group to ensure they are set up and able to get online.


“My [online] group has given me a focus for the week during these dire times. Having a project to think about with others has been invaluable. It is keeping me on track, holding me up and I can still see a positive future when the world begins to breathe again.”

- Course participant

Our Online well-being and educational courses are tailored towards people with:

  • Mental Health issues
  • Substance/Alcohol misuse history
  • Traumatic or abusive experiences
  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioural problems
  • Long-term unemployment
  • History of offending
  • Vulnerabilities to exploitation
  • Social Isolation
  • Long-term Chronic illness
  • Physical Disabilities

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