Course Dates:

30, 31 Oct, 1, 16, 17 Nov 2019

16 hr Outdoor First Aid 21 & 22 Sep 2019

Entry requirements:

Minimum age of 21

There is an assumption that you are either currently assisting at Forest School, or have very recent experience of doing so.

You are required to provide a copy of your Forest School Level 2 Assistant certificate and your passed Level 2 workbook.

If you have completed Level 2 training at Green Light Trust post 2016 you will need to complete a pre-course workbook prior to starting the course.

If you have completed your Level 2 with Green Light Trust prior to 2016 you may need to complete other essays in addition to that required for the post 2016 requirements due to the Level 2 criteria being updated in that time frame.

If you have completed your Level 2 with a different provider there is an extra charge of £20 for an assessment of your completed Level 2 workbook .This will allow us to highlight any additional information you may need to hand in prior to the course. This allows us to meet Open College Network standards and for you to meet the level of the other students you will be joining on the training.


Training delivery and assessment process:

You will attend 5 days face to face training, as opposed to 10 days on the Level 3.

You are required to attend the 16 hour Outdoor First Aid weekend, if you do not have this qualification already.

From the moment our students arrive we are modelling the Forest School ethos and possibly one of the most important elements of Forest School; How to hold a space, create a sense of belonging and community and make people feel safe, welcomed and comfortable.

Over your training you will be spending some time indoors and lots of time outdoors. There will be a balance of both. We will be having small group and whole group discussions on a range of topics. Outside we will be building on your Level 2 practical skills, going more in depth and demonstrating lots of practical uses. You will be held in a space where everyone is offered unconditional positive regard. Participants are celebrated for their uniqueness in an atmosphere of community kindness and respect.


Langley Preparatory School, Taverham, Norwich

Student support:

  • Contact with tutors: Contact can be made at any point by email via Lindsay in the office [email protected]
  • FAQ’s page on the website
  • Student only login pages on the website for access to coursework, handouts, links etc.
  • 5 training days running from 9am - 5pm each day
  • 16 hour Outdoor First Aid weekend - 9am - 6pm each day

Application process:

Book Online

We will then contact you to confirm your booking and send information pack and course details.


£750.00 per person plus 16 Hr Outdoor First Aid (if you don't already have this) £135.00. Total cost £885.00


You can select a full price ticket below, or a DEPOSIT ticket of £100 and we will invoice you separately for the balance


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Ticket Quantity Price

FS L3 Top Up Taverham Summer 2019

Decrease Increase £885.00

FS L3 Top Up Taverham Summer 2019 DEPOSIT

Decrease Increase £100.00

FS L3 Taverham Top Up Summer 2019 NO FIRST AID

Decrease Increase £750.00