Our services have changed drastically since the Coronavirus outbreak began. In partnership with The East of England Co-Op...

we are now calling for unneeded, working smartphones to be donated to help our service users access our online AIR courses

So that we could ensure continued support for many who relied on our services for their wellbeing, we acted quickly and took some of our courses online, creating the AIR programme. We are now calling for members of the public and businesses to donate their old unneeded smartphones to us to help facilitate the AIR programme even further. The donated smartphones will give those of our participants who don't have their own technology smartphone access for the first time, allowing them to access our AIR programme with ease.

Green Light Trust's CEO, Tom Brown, says: “We work with people of all ages challenged with mental health issues, addictive or abusive pasts or disadvantaged or disconnected backgrounds. The donated smartphones will allow us to continue to support the vulnerable members of our community with our educational and self-development programmes, in a time where support services are so limited.”

We have partnered with the East of England Co-op to collect donations in all of the retailer’s Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex Food stores.

Roger Grosvenor, Joint Chief Executive for the East of England Co-op says:

“We’re delighted to help the Green Light Trust collect unwanted smartphones. It’s an initiative that really strikes at the heart of what’s important to our Co-op. Not only does the collection support a great cause in our community, but it’s environmentally-friendly too, encouraging the reuse of otherwise unwanted phones. It’s a win-win situation”.

How to Donate Your Smartphone to Green Light Trust

  1. Make sure your smartphone is working
  2. Reset your smartphone to its factory settings, making sure you back up any personal data you wish to keep. You can find out how to do this by looking up your phone manufacturer's guidance - we've also put general links on how to do this below
  3. Drop your donated smartphone off at your local East of England Co-Op store. (Include the smartphone charger if possible - if you are unable to deposit the charger plug at the drop off facility, just the USB lead would be helpful)

Restore Apple iPhone to factory settings

Restore Android Phone to factory settings

If you do have any trouble resetting your smartphone, either give us a call on 01284 830829 or email [email protected] - alternatively, wrap your contact details around your smartphone when you drop it off. One of our staff members will try and help you with the reset. Any smartphones that we are unable to use because we find they do not function we will arrange to recycle.

 If you don't have a smartphone to donate but would still like to help...

We are also paying for unlimited data access for service users that do not have their own Wifi, so if you don't have a smartphone to donate, but would still like to support this initiative, you can make monetary donations to this appeal by pressing the Donate button on this page.