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Donations are so important to us, helping us to provide our vital services to our beneficiaries.

Whether you are contributing from your personal wealth, or wish to make a donation on behalf of a school, group, or business, every penny is gratefully received – and always put to good use.

Here are some examples of how your donation could contribute and make a difference:-

Communal cooking and eating is an integral part of how we bring people together; helping groups form relationships
and develop a healthier attitude towards nutrition. £5 would pay for a fireside woodland lunch and refreshments for one of our participant beneficiaries, some of whom tell us that this is the one proper meal they have all week.

 could provide a fun woodland learning day for a young child who is having a  tough time engaging at school. This day will build their confidence, helping them interact with others and find new friends that they can maintain contact with in their home and school environments.

A donation of £1000 could pay for an individual struggling through life due to mental health issues to attend one of our 12 week Woodland Minds courses. We hear frequently from participants about how coming on one of our courses has been "literally a life-saver".

If you are able to, you could sponsor a whole Woodland Recovery course and transform the lives of 8 people who may have been struggling to move forward following trauma, domestic abuse, substance misuse, or other life-affecting and difficult circumstance. Full course costs range between £3750 and £8000 and can make such a huge difference to people's lives.  

Regular monthly donations and legacies can really help us plan for the longer term, so if you are interested in supporting us on a regular, or significant basis please do get in touch.  

Or, if you are a business looking to connect with an organisation that is making a huge difference to people in the community, then we would love to chat with you about our reciprocal partnership arrangements and services. Contact us: [email protected]. You can find out more about corporate partnerships here.


Are you part of a community group which wants to raise funds for a great cause? Or someone who has seen the benefits of time and activity in the outdoors and wants to ‘give back’, enabling others to benefit as you have?

Perhaps you work for your company’s CSR or fundraising committee, or maybe you’re a school in the local region, keen to develop ways you can support an ambitious, community-driven organisation.

Whatever your circumstance, and whatever you have in mind for your fundraising activity, we'd love to work with you to help you achieve a great outcome for our beneficiaries. Check out our fundraising ideas.

At any one time, we have a number of specific projects we may be fundraising for, or campaigns and initiatives which need particular focus.

For more details of how we could work together, please contact [email protected]