Our woodland camps might have to stay empty for now, as we follow government guidance to avoid social gatherings and keep us all safe from Coronavirus.

BUT, that does not mean we are going to be disappearing from the lives of the 100s of people who rely on Green Light Trust for their mental and physical wellbeing....


Our support is more vital now than ever, as more and more people are going to be feeling socially isolated and dealing with the effects of that on their mental health. 

So, whilst we've been making sure we continue to stay in touch with all our existing clients in different ways over the past few weeks, we've also been busy working behind the scenes to come up with an innovative new way for us to reach them and as many other people as possible through this crisis.

We are designing an interactive online programme to connect people with nature and with each other

Keeping to our key aim of "Building Health Hope and Happiness through the Power of Nature", we will be creating a package of online activities and engagement for our clients (old and new); offering nature-based learning and wellbeing techniques, enabling them to stay fit and healthy through this period of social confinement and to access nature through their 'one exercise per day' option. Our staff will be building a library of videos to share knowledge of our natural world and take participants through Spring into Summer. We will still work in groups, who will interact on an online video platform, and we will also be providing one to one support through regular calls with each individual.

We're aware that many of our clients do not have the financial means to acquire digital technology and we want to provide them with equipment so they can access our programme online whilst they are booked onto our courses (with equipment being disinfected safely in-between of course!). 

We have adequate funding in place to ensure we are able to deliver the online programme once we are up and running - and our existing funders are very excited about the potential for this new approach to reach even more people in need around Suffolk and beyond - but we urgently require funding to purchase equipment, software and to allocate staff time to putting the new model together.

We are therefore seeking donations from any kind individuals or organisations who want to play a part in helping us help those who so desperately need us at this exceptionally difficult time.

Thank you so much for your support - it's invaluable and could literally save lives