Norfolk - The Brecks- Breaking New Ground Project

Norfolk and Suffolk borders

An exciting new project, working in Partnership with Breaking New Ground partner organisations.  

The project aims to increase opportunities for outdoor learning by bringing some of the features of the Brecks into the grounds of schools within the project area. Five tree nurseries, 5 areas of Brecks heath/acid grassland  (using soil inversion techniques), 2 'pingo' style ponds and 5 butterfly and bee gardens will be set up within school grounds.

Students will collect seeds from local woodlands, grow tree seedlings and share the young seedlings with other schools within their cluster and with local community tree-planting projects.

Emphasis will be on the propagation of Scots Pine trees, so that they can be used to restore Pine lines along field boundaries as part of the Pine Line project.  The distinctive character of the Brecks landscape will be celebrated in artist-led 'treedressing' workshops with pupils and the local community.  In addition, there will be a tree seed propagation 'twilight' workshop for Teachers.

The most recent photo attached is of one of the information events held at Barnham Primary School. All year groups attended (reception to year 6), staff and a few parents. Children were very keen and eager to ask questions about the project. One very well behaved year 6 boy asked if he could help Mia, Education Leader GLT, with the slides and introduced himself very politely and shook her hand. He was a great assistant! 

Barnham Primary is a lovely school with very well behaved, attentive and inquisitive children. Situated in a beautiful rural spot at the edge of the Breaking New Ground geographical project area, it will be an ideal school to work with.

This was the third of five project launch information events held in schools and so far these events have been well attended and received with a very positive response from the children and parents.

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