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Fordham, Cambridgeshire.

Snail wood came about in 2005, following a training visit from Nigel Hughes (GLT CEO & Founder) to the then Horse Racing Forensics Laboratory (HFL) based at Fordham in Cambridgeshire (subsequently Quotient Bioresearch and now LGC’s HFL sports science).

Nigel ignited the existing desire of HFL’s management and staff to be involved in a long-term ‘legacy’ project that reached out to the wider community and would have a positive impact on the local environment and biodiversity. From this, Snail Wood was conceived and HFL gave over the management of an existing 0.6 hectare Poplar plantation to the Snail Wood Steering Group, and provided some funds to establish operations. Initial planning resulted in a seasonal wet woodland with a helical pathway evoking a snail shell. The existing plantation was felled and ultimately replaced with over 700 native, locally sourced trees and shrubs (primarily Ash and Alder). Following extensive preparation, planting commenced in February 2007 and successive planting and maintenance has been ongoing ever since; heavily involving the local primary school in the ‘Seed to Tree’ programme.

The benefit to staff has been to fulfill their desire to be involved in such a project, but it has also provided a wonderful place to escape to during breaks and to hold special events. The benefit to the business to that it fulfills some CSR requirements, differentiates them from competitors, promotes a strong team spirit and helps with staff retention. Furthermore Snail Wood promotes the company very positively in the local area, providing strong links to the local community and school.

Our vision is to inspire and create a sustainable, native community woodland project for education, recreation and the future. For the benefit of staff, the local community, schools and the environment.

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