Cambridgeshire - Ouse and Washes Landscape Partnership

In Partnership with Cambridge Acre

The OWLP (Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership Scheme) aims to deliver a well-balanced programme that addresses HLF Landscape Partnership Scheme's priorities through a total of 25 projects. Working in partnership with Cambridge Acre, the OWLP scheme will: conserve and enhance the area's unique heritage assets, create opportunities for active engagement with the landscape; thereby providing people with a greater connection with the landscape, improve access to the area's heritage and make people more aware of the uniqueness of this landscape; giving people new skills by providing volunteering opportunities and work placements in order to help sustain the landscape's special character, and provide a lasting legacy for the area through strong partnership working and community empowerment.

Green Light Trust is developing a Community Warden Scheme to recruit and train people to volunteer; to take care of the local natural and built heritage in the Ouse Washes area. The Scheme will offer people a chance to gain an accredited Diploma in Environmental Conservation. Focus will be on two groups: 1. pupils selected from local secondary schools a pupil referral unit, focusing on Entry Level 3 Award, with practical skills for grassland areas, wetlands and ditch management. 2. Adults; including people with or without previous experience, career changers and unemployed: accredited (higher level), focusing on wetland management skills.


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