We Help Your Environment

We Help Your Environment

Our work with people of all ages focuses on providing conservation learning and skills development opportunities to those that might suffer from exclusion or disadvantage.

We have created over 60 Community-owned WildSpaces and woodlands across the East of England.  Over the last 10 years our advice, guidance and conservation training has supported conservation volunteers in local communities to take ownership, manage and develp the natural environment right on their own doorstep.

Our tailored environmental education programmes are delivered in conjunction with our partner organisations and in all that we do.

Our objectives are:

  • The creation, conservation and restoration of wetland, grassland, woodland, school and community gardens, park and wild spaces by the community, for the benefit of the community.

  • To advance people's appreciation of the environment through education, training and practical participation.

  • To enhance people's health and well-being through environmental and conservation orientated outdoor activities.

  • To increase awareness of our human impact on the world environment.