Forest School Training

What is Forest School?

Young people today face significant challenges that may be daunting and it is vital that they acquire the necessary life skills to meet those challenges head-on, with resilience and self-confidence.  A wide-ranging education is essential for us to survive but in order for our young ones to truly thrive in today’s world they will also need to be resourceful, self-aware, creative and able to collaborate with others.

Learning through unstructured play outdoors was a natural part of childhood in the past but our current lifestyle has meant that many of our children spend less and less time outdoors.  Based on a highly successful Scandinavian education model,  Forest School is a way of enabling young people to have the opportunity to spend time in the natural environment to learn through practical involvement and free play.

Children who struggle in the classroom often have a very different experience when given the space and time that a Forest School session offers.  It can enhance and support mainstream education by focussing on the emotional, social and behavioural development of pupils.  Sessions are tailored for young people of all ages and abilities.  Pupils take part in child-centred and child-led activities where they also learn some practical skills that they may not get a chance to otherwise. Forest School leaders are trained to give supportive guidance to children and young people on how to use outdoor tools safely and to develop their understanding and love of the natural world.

Forest School sessions also support young people to improve their physical fitness and their overall health and well-being.  There is a great deal of fun and laughter in a Forest School session and a lot of natural free play - balancing on logs, climbing trees (with supervision, of course!) building dens or looking for bugs and evidence of other animals.  Crucially, they develop their awareness of the environment and the importance of assessing hazards and risks - they learn to consider what might be a reasonable risk and to experience the consequences of their choices.  We learn best from our mistakes and Forest School provides opportunities to do just that and to celebrate achievements too! 

There is now a wide range of published data and evidence that children who take part in Forest School sessions develop better writing and speaking skills than those who are only classroom based; are able to concentrate longer on what they are doing; have improved social and personal skills, better physical health and work collaboratively within a team.

Forest School Training

We offer qualifications to assist at Forest School: the Level 2 Assistant course and to lead your own groups: the Level 3 Leader course.

If you are already Level 2 qualified, then we also offer the Level 2 -3 top-up course.

Our courses are for Teachers, Nursery Nurses, Learning Support Assistants, Playworkers and outdoor education professionals interested in teaching in Forest School, or using Forest School techniques at work.

All our courses are accredited by Open College Network and Green Light Trust is an OCN recognised centre.


We don't just offer Forest School training!

We also provide qualifications, off the shelf or bespoke programmes for all school staff.

We offer CPD's and inset days, as well as offering mentoring & support for schools and your Forest School staff or site.

Please see the CPD section of the website for more details.



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