Woodland Rescue

Woodland Rescue

A programme tailored to those recovering from substance and/or alcohol addiction.

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For Individuals of all abilities. Carry out a range of practical skills contributing to the management of one of these three special woodlands; including tree felling/coppicing, green wood work, fire lighting and many other activities; whilst also learning about the woodlands and the animals and plants that inhabit them.

Whilst the sessions are carrying out physical activities, you can develop at your own pace and will not be asked to carry out any tasks you feel unable to complete.

The course is free and includes campfire lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Boots can be provided for those without.

“I’m enjoying the experience whatever the weather brings, learning new skills, and about the wildlife and woodland. We have built up a good team. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!”

Taking place in the ancient Frithy Wood in Lawshall, Castan Wood at Martlesham, or RSPB Minsmere, Woodland Rescue provides an opportunity for those in recovery to learn a range of Practical Woodland management and Conservation skills.

“Pete and Lorna are very encouraging in what they would like us to do. They are very patient and very approachable. Would never miss coming” - Participant feedback

Please complete and return the booking form or contact us on – 01284 830829 or email Beverley@greenlighttrust.org to secure your place


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