Environmental & Conservation Skills

Everyone attending our programmes will learn something about the environment or how to support it, simply through taking part in some way. Our programmes are designed to help people identify the skills they already have, and support them to learn new skills.  We also aim to assist people in gaining qualifications that will help them gain confidence, develop best practice and open new doorways for their futures.

The following qualification structure has enabled many people to do just that.


The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme that is focussed on wild places.  It encourages the development of awareness and our sense of responsibility for the natural environment in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.  It is a profound opportunity to connect, enjoy and care for our wild spaces.  This Award is open to people from all backgrounds and ages and is the educational initiative of the John Muir Trust.  Four challenges are at the heart of each John Muir Award - to discover, explore, conserve and share.

Awarding Body Consortium Qualifications:

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