Woodland Minds

Green Light Trust has received funding from Realise Futures Learning & Development to hold another two Woodland Minds mental well-being programmes at Frithy Wood, Lawshall and Castan Woods, Martlesham, Ipswich (next to the park & ride).  Both programmes are free to attend and will run simultaneously for one day a week for 14 weeks starting from Friday 20th January - Friday 21st April 2017.  

Realise Futures County manager, Deborah Wiliams said: “We are delighted to be able to support and provide funding through the Community Learning Grant to The Green Light Trust to deliver this programme that will be engaging with adults on a mental health recovery pathway to provide practical woodland and conservation learning. It will be delivered with the aim of providing the skills knowledge and behaviours necessary for the participants to access volunteering and development opportunities.”

Woodland Minds Programme co-ordinator, Beverley Fox, says: “As the programme runs for 14 weeks we can still take people on after this date if they wish to join in. Woodland Minds is a proven mental well-being programme for people who seek respite from a mental health illness who fall between the funding gap for support or for people who want to learn new things, pick up their confidence and/or have been long term unemployed.

“Participants will learn about the woodland environment and its history as well as improve their physical and mental well-being as they take part in activities from bush craft (shelters, fires and cooking) to Green woodwork, understanding basic woodland management according to season, hedge laying and coppicing, safely use and maintain tools etc. Previous participants have been surprised at how much better they feel after a day in the woods. It builds up resilience and improves appetite and sleep patterns.

“We have had people before who were isolated, have had trouble getting out of the door to Woodland Minds without a support person, let alone go out and mix with people.  By the end of the programme these people attend on their own and happily interact with the new friends they have made. We ask them what it is about Woodland Minds that is different from other well-being programmes and the answer is always the same.  It is the peace and tranquillity along with our team leaders that create an incredible healing vibe,” she said.

Beverley says it isn’t unusual for attendees of Woodland Minds to want to go on to join Green Light Trust’s Green Care program as part of their recovery pathway.

If you would like to find out more information email: beverley@greenlighttrust.org


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"It is the peace and tranquillity along with our team leaders that create an incredible healing vibe"