A new Trustee for Green Light Trust

This week we are proud to annouce we have a new Trustee, Sara Knight who has had a close link to Green Light Trust since the early days.

As Trustee, Sara will bring expertise and guidance to our Forest School Team. You can read the full biography on OUR TEAM pages.

Sara trained as a teacher in the 1970s, and later in the decade spent a year teaching in Norway. She was interested in environmental issues even then, and the ways in which Scandinavian life tended to be lived in harmony with nature impressed me greatly.

After a spell in industry, by the late 1980’s Sara was running a 52-place nursery class, and writing articles for Nursery World about the importance of outdoor play and how to organise it. The next ten years saw a move into Further Education, via a spell in special education, training nursery staff, playworkers and undergraduates in the social sciences. It was from this background that Sara joined the associate staff at Green Light Trust, running training with children in the youngest age-ranges and in special schools in her non-college/university time.

Since then her position as a leader in the Forest School movement has taken her away from Green Light, except as a welcome resources to hire, and a welcome link at conferences and meetings.  Sara said, "It is therefore a great pleasure to be invited in my retirement from University life to become a Trustee, and I look forward to supporting the Trust to continue to inspire future generations to draw strength from nature as they nurture her future sustainability."

She is pictured here in South Korea this November, where Sara was invited to speak at two conferences organised by the Korean Forest Kindergarten Association.


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