Nurture and Nature - new Programme gets off to a flying start.

Hugh a Trustee at Green Light Trust has successfully completed the Venice Marathon on Sunday 26th October.  Through his tremendous efforts, he has managed to raise a large proportion of the funding to kick start a new programme called 'Nurture and Nature'.

Speaking after the event, Hugh said:

"I can't promise never to do another.  The first 10km disappeared smoothly before I really knew it.  The first signs that I was in a long race came around 20km.  I got a bit nervous around 34km, as that was my previous longest distance.  Fortunately Adam's (Hugh's son) pep talk on the way to the bus that took me out to the start rang loud and clear - the body can keep going long after the brain insists I should stop.  I stopped the brain thinking about it by thinking of all the incredible support I have had leading up to the run.  

The last four km along the water front, over the specially constructed pontoon bridge over the entrance to the Grand Canal to get to St Marks Square, including 14 bridges, was hard, but there was never any doubt that I'd keep running.   I was generally aware of the surroundings but not at my most receptive!  The weather was fine, and Mary (my wife) and the boys gave me a big cheer and a big lift at the top of the penultimate bridge.  I had a very silly grin on my face as I crossed the line in 4:19:54.  It took quite a long time to meet up with the family, as they were nearly 1km further on in a pizzeria, and that seemed like a long way.   The stein tasted wonderful.

You have all made such a difference with your good wishes and generosity! £5,000+ for Green Light Trust, which is a massive step towards supporting this new programme for victims of domestic abuse."

The programme overall will cost £8,000 to run and will help 8 women and their children benefit from valuable support and help in assisting them to cope with their difficult and distressing circumstances; whilst enabling them to spend some quality time around the camp fire with their children in a safe and pleasant woodland environment, learning some new skills and giving them time and space away from their worries and strains.  

Over £6,000 has already been raised through Hugh's fundraising efforts and with other grants and donations the fund has nearly reached its target.

There is still time to contribute and if you would like to support this cause please visit: to make a donation.  

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