Tree Council - Communities Rooted to Trees

The Tree Council is looking ahead to another fantastic year for trees and communities with the announcement of the key diary dates for our community action programme in 2016.


The first two campaigns of the year – the Tree Care Campaign and Walk in the Woods Month – continue with the 2015/16 Tree Year theme of ‘Communities Rooted to Trees’. The theme highlights the value of trees in helping communities to put down firm roots and grow strong and healthy together.


The Tree Year will begin again in autumn 2016 with the start of Seed Gathering Season. Look out for an announcement of the next theme and diary dates for the 2016/17 Tree Year in June 2016.



Monday 21st March – Wednesday 21st September 2016


This annual campaign reminds everyone that trees need ongoing conservation and care if they are to survive and thrive into the future. Throughout this period, The Tree Council encourages people to be alert to trees struggling from the effects of extreme weather, vandalism, disease or pests and to take part in tree care activities such as mulching, weeding and adjusting stakes and ties.


Sunday 1st May - Tuesday 31st of May 2016


Every May, up and down the country, community groups, wildlife charities, local authorities and volunteer Tree Wardens organise guided woodland walks, tree trails and other activities to promote Walk in the Woods Month. These events give people the opportunity to reconnect with their local trees and woods and inspire them to stick up for the trees in their neighbourhoods.



Friday 23rd September to Sunday 23rd October 2016

During this autumn festival The Tree Council encourages everyone to spend time outdoors gathering nuts, fruits, seeds and berries. Not only can this autumn bounty be used to grow the trees of tomorrow, but it can also be transformed into delicious, healthy treats or strung into necklaces, while remembering to leave plenty behind for wildlife.


Saturday 26th November to Sunday 4th of December 2016

National Tree Week – the UK’s largest celebration of trees – inspires thousands of people to come together and plant upwards of one million trees every year. Around the UK, The Tree Council’s member organisations, its volunteer Tree Wardens, schools and community groups organise tree planting events and winter tree walks, marking the start of the winter tree planting season.

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