New Trustee Vacancy with Green Light Trust!

New Trustee Vacancy with Green Light Trust in Finance & HR

Trustee Recruitment Spring 2017

Green Light Trust is an environmental charity that delivers woodland and conservation management through health and wellbeing programmes. We target our work at young people and adults who are challenged by health issues, where the impact is such that it is preventing them having social, educational or employment engagement. We also provide support to education establishments to encourage an increased use of the outdoors for education and development. The trust operates mainly throughout East Anglia, currently predominantly in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. Further information can be found on

We are successful and ambitious, and wish to extend the opportunities for people to participate in what we do. Our 2017-2021 Strategic Plan which brings more detail to this aim.

In reviewing our governance, we have identified the need to strengthen the skills and experience of the Board. We have a matrix of skills and experience that we use to ensure we target recruitment to the board effectively.

We are also considering our succession planning needs.

To ensure we remain in good health we have identified the need to recruit two new trustees. We are very keen to secure 1. a person experienced in finance, in particular with accountancy based knowledge and experience over a number of years’ practice, 2. we are in need of someone with personnel/H R experience. Ideally this person would have knowledge of employment law, training and possibly health and safety.

Trustees meet formally four times a year, in the evenings. Meetings generally last for 2 ½ hrs. There are occasional extraordinary meetings  and meetings for sub groups  two or three times per year. Trustees are invited to attend staff meetings twice per year.

General Personal Specification


For both positions we are looking for someone who has experience of governance and or executive or senior management over a number of years.

Is familiar with strategic planning and operation plan delivery.

Is or has been involved in business management.

Is able to analyse information and draw conclusions which are articulated and communicated clearly.


Has an understanding of the voluntary sector.

Has experience of, or interest in, health, wellbeing and environmental issues.

Is expert within their field of employment, in this case 1. accountancy finance and 2. human resources.

Has an understanding of how grants and donations are administered and managed.

Has knowledge or experience of the issues facing people recovering from addiction and mental health conditions or with special learning needs and behavioural issues.

Has an understanding of social science or community dynamics.

Has experience in marketing and communication.


For further information, contact;

Ashley Seaborne - CEO

Green Light Trust    01284 830829

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