GREEN FINGERS - Free programme designed to help people recovering from mental health issues. NEXT COURSE STARTS TUESDAY 16th MAY - MARTLESHAM

Training in coppicing, pollarding and other forestry skills will allow a new generation of 'higglers' - Suffolk's historic term for a forester - to preserve the county's ancient and beautiful woodlands.

You will carry out a range of practical skills contributing to the managment of our beautiful woodlands in Lawshall and Ipswich; including tree felling/coppicing, green wood-work, fire lighting and many other things; whilst learning about the woodland as well as the animals and plants that inhabit it.

Whilst the sessions are carrying out physical activities, you can develop at your own pace and wont be asked to carry out any tasks you feel unable to complete. You can even come just to enjoy being out in the woods!

Lunch over the camp fire is provided.

9.30 - 3.00 for 20 weeks.

Held at Castan Wood - Martlesham (behind the park & ride)

Contact for more details or an application form

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