Courses held at Frithy Wood

Young Futures

This is a 5-6 day programme delivered in a woodland environment. The participants are given the opportunity to learn practical woodland skills as well as covering basic theory behind these skills.

Target audience - Young adults who are NEET, or at risk of becoming NEET. Colleges,

Youth projects

Method of delivery - Delivered to groups of 8-12 at ages 16-24. 2 members of GLT staff supported by partner organisation staff as agreed.

Woodland HEAL

A programme that allows GLT to support the delivery of science and related subjects in a woodland setting. Led by the partner organisation with GLT staff facilitating the learning environment and supporting the contextualisation of the learning. For example a GCSE science group would come to the woodlands to cover the carbon cycle. This could lead to discussions about carbon storage in the woodland, this is ideal for kinaesthetic learners.

Target Audience - Schools delivering GCSE science, particularly the environmental elements.

Method of Delivery - Single days delivered to groups of 15-30 students of school age. One member of GLT staff to support the appropriate number of partner organisation staff.

Woodland Minds

A programme for those recovering from mental health issues. It is designed to give them access to the natural environment to aid their recovery. The participants would work with others in the group to learn fire lighting and woodland craft skills. In addition to these they would have the opportunity to learn about the woodland and experience various woodland management activities. Delivery is tailored to the individuals requirements and in support of their current recovery programme.

Target audience - Participants recovering from mental health issues, referred from partner organisations.

Delivery method - 6 sessions delivered in the most appropriate method

Woodland ACE

Alternative curriculum engagement, this programme is designed to engage learners who struggle with what the standard curriculum offers. Delivered in the woodland it allows the participants to complete tasks as a group whilst learning about the woodland and the natural processes that occur within it.

Target Audience - Pupil referral units, pupils within schools who are disengaged with the curriculum, particularly those who would benefit from the practical skills and outside learning.

Delivery methods—Single days delivered to groups of 6 students of school age. One member of GLT staff supported by partner organisation staff as agreed.

Woodland Rescue

A programme tailored to those recovering from substance and / or alcohol addiction. The participants will support their recovery through working as a team to carry out various woodland management tasks and crafts, while also having the option to work towards an entry level qualification in conservation.

Target Audience - Participants of any age who are at relatively advanced stages of their recovery. Drug and alcohol support networks and groups, doctors' referrals.

Delivery methods - 6 weekly sessions delivered to 8 - 12 participants. Delivered by 2 GLT staff supported by one member of partner organisation staff.

Activities for All

This programme is tailored to young people with multiple and profound learning difficulties. Participants will have the opportunity to experience woodland management techniques as well as some craft based activities. Improving physical and mental wellbeing is a achieved through hands on activities which improve self confidence and self esteem.

Target audience - This course is open to any partner organisations who work with people under 24 with special educational requirements.

Delivery methods - It is delivered in single day courses for up to 6 people at a time.

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