Frithy Wood, IP29 4QU

The entrance to Frithy Wood

In 2012, Green Light Trust was awarded Heritage Lottery funding for our 'Restoring the Repertoire' Project.  This funding, together with support from other bodies, has enabled Green Light Trust to purchase part of Frithy Wood, an ancient woodland, and appoint a Project Manager who is overseeing an exciting range of educational and management programmes.  Work is already underway with the restoration of the wood.

The national importance of Frithy Wood is recognised in its statutory designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  For many years Green Light Trust had aspired to play its part in conserving, protecting and nurturing Frithy Wood.

Our Restoring the Repertoire Project is an innovative way of conserving Frithy Wood now and for the foreseable future.  Our goal is to regenerate the wood to a healthy and sustainable ecological state.  Restoring the good condition of the wood is paramount in everything we do there.

Our approach is ambitious, but we have already provided many opportunities for the people that we support and work with to get directly involved in various woodland management activities.   We are already seeing the benefits of this initial work with an increase in flora and fauna in the woodland as a direct result of the work that has already been carried out.

The benefits to the people are many - some have been able to acquire news skills that will ultimately open up new employment opportunities for them, whilst others are benefitting from the experience of being outdoors that enrich and enhance their health, well-being and lifestyles.  We hope that the people we support will continue to develop a better understanding of the importance of the natural environment for the future of human-kind.

Frithy wood is situated on Donkey Lane, Lawshall, Suffolk.

There are many ways to contact staff who work on the Frithy Wood project at Green Light Trust:

Telephone: 01284 830829

Post: The Foundry, Bury Road, Lawshall, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 4PJ 

  • Explore Frithy Wood

    Explore Frithy Wood, Suffolk

    The route around Frithy Wood includes a number of points which provide you with heritage information and interactive opportunities for you to bring the history of Frithy Wood to life.

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  • Courses

    CPD Courses, Suffolk

    We offer environmental education courses at Frithy Wood to learn about the natural environment, practical woodland skills and craft based activities.

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  • The History of Frithy Wood

    Historic Frithy Wood, Suffolk

    Frithy Wood has been in use for many centuries. Early documentation refers to it as the ‘great’ wood and described at this time as of ‘great antiquity’.

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Please note: Although it is a private woodland you are welcome to visit the wood and make use of the Heritage Trail. The wood is, however, frequently in use by the groups we are working with to restore it. Due to the planning permission restrictions regarding access to the woodland, we ask that all visitors arrive on foot wherever possible and avoid parking cars on Donkey Lane. Please stick to the Heritage Trail as the wood is also home to many delicate plants and animals that can be easily disturbed.