Green Light Trust's Low Carbon Champions' Programme

The Green Light Trust, Low Carbons programme was run from 2011 until 2013 and was managed by the then LCC Team; (Will Sambrook-Mentor, Liz Moss-Project Manager, Lenka Anstead- LCC Administrator).  This project offered each company that joined:

The project was hugely successful.  In all the project supported 85 organisations across Suffolk potentially saving £430.000 on bills every year and taking 2,500 tonnes of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.   This project closed in spring 2013. 

Low Carbon Champions has been delivered by Green Light Trust and Suffolk County Council with support from Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and Suffolk Climate Change Partnership. The project was part-funded from the European Regional Development Fund.

In total we successfully assisted 70 SME’s and 15 Social Enterprises within Suffolk by providing services that enabled them to improve their sustainability, resource efficiency, reduce carbon and save money.  The project delivered the following results:

To find out more about what our customers thought about the project and what benefits they have found as a business to undertake developing their green practices please see the following films:


Overview & Highlights

Complete Journey

For information on other funded services available for businesses in the region, please visit the Greenest County Website.