Easton and Otley College - Internship programme with GLT

In December 2013 Green Light Trust partnered with Easton and Otley College to provide an environmental management experience for a group of students as part of our Holywells Park project.

The attendees were from the Internship Programme which enables students with learning difficulties to gain work experience and a qualification towards future employment in their chosen fields.

A number of the students are interested in working outside and a number of them have previously undertaken animal care and land-based courses at Otley College. The college felt this would be good experience for them in order to develop their team-building skills and confidence, and so they might learn more about the local habitat and vegetation.

“Lee Gilham the Environmental Education Team Leader from the Green Light Trust was very inclusive of our students needs and tasks that they were asked to undertake. There were various tasks that the students completed, which included fence building, making stag beetle habitats, stream clearing, cutting and removing a tree that had fallen in the storm, sycamore and holly tree management. The students had the chance to use a variety of different tools. " Kerri Barker 

We had a group of ten students who attended each week. All the students gained something from the project that included building their confidence and self-esteem, feeling part of a group and establishing friendships.

"One of our students didn’t really enjoy the tasks but said that she liked the team work and felt more confident, as she never thought she was any good at anything and would give up before she had really tried. She will now try a task and if she’s unable to achieve it, she will now ask for help."

Kerri Barker, Internship Success Mentor, Easton & Otley College.