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The History of the Green Light Trust

In 1988, Ric Edelmann and Nigel Hughes visited the Hunstein Range Forest, deep in the Upper Sepik region of Papua New Guinea. They learnt that this uniquely rich eco-system consisting of 2,000 square miles of pristine forest – was earmarked for the biggest logging operation yet to hit Papua New Guinea - as told in their book 'Trees of Paradise'. They pledged to support the local people in protecting their unique homeland and the forest is still standing today!  

The tribesmen that Ric and Nigel met asked what was happening in the UK to protect woodland and wild spaces for future generations.  Realising that more needed to be done, the idea of a body – Green Light Trust – to help UK people, communities and organisations develop themselves and learn about their relationship with nature was born.

Green Light was established in 1989 as an environmental charity based at Lawshall in Suffolk; to educate and inform the UK public on environmental matters.  In 1993 a small group of people living in Lawshall decided to create their own woodland.  They called it ‘Forest for Our Children’ and the project started life in Lawshall on a two acre field, part of which was donated by a local farmer.  Subsequently more land was acquired for tree planting.  Today there are two woodlands which cover an area of 22 acres.  Both are now managed by the 'Forest for Our Children' wildspace group.  This was the first of over 60 Community-owned WildSpaces created with support from Green Light Trust.

Our Mission: To bring people and nature together

Our four objectives

  • a.

    to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural and physical environment, particularly but not exclusively, by the creation, conservation and restoration of wetland, grassland, woodland, school and community gardens, parks and wild space;

  • b.

    to advance education in the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural and physical environment, particularly but not exclusively, through training and practical participation;

  • c.

    to advance education in world ecology and the natural environment and the effects on that environment of both natural and other activities and particularly those pursued by people;

  • d.

    to promote health, particularly by providing environmental and conservation orientated activities in the outdoors and natural environments.

We do this by:

  • Operating in the natural environment and prioritising restoration, conservation and the development of new eco systems.
  • Providing inspirational learning opportunities for people in the natural environment.
  • Working with young people and other special interest groups (Communities of Interest) to engage them in skills learning (life and practical).
  • Introduce people to activity in the natural environment with the aim of helping them appreciate the improvement it can make to their health and well-being.
  • Providing services to businesses enabling them to understand, benefit and profit from positive social, community and environmental action.
  • Being recognised as innovators in the design and delivery of services for people, communities and organisations, achieving life changing and sustainable outcomes.
  • Being acknowledged as reliable and professional partners.
  • Being effective and priding ourselves on our integrity, flexibility, inventiveness and courage to make things happen.
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The benefits were many and included exercise, peace of mind, team working, increased self-esteem and confidence and whilst this cannot be solely attributed to the GLT project it clearly became an important part of the clients’ treatment journey.

Sammy Manzaroli (Team Leader, Open Rd)

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